Event: Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt

Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt and Prize Distribution.

Objective: To organize a fun-filled Rubber Ducky Scavenger Hunt that engages the local community and culminates in an exciting prize distribution at a local restaurant.


Pre-event Planning:

Determine the Scavenger Hunt Route:
Identify key locations within the community for hiding the rubber duckies.
Consider accessibility, safety, and community involvement while selecting the locations.
Map out the route to ensure smooth navigation during the scavenger hunt.
Secure Sponsorships:
Reach out to local community businesses to request donations of gift certificates and prizes.
Explain the purpose of the event and the exposure they will receive from participating.
To win prize you must snap a photo of yourself/group with the rubber ducky and post it on Facebook. You must tag the Local Townsite Community Facebook page
Coordinate with sponsors to determine the quantity and value of the donated prizes.
Acquire Rubber Duckies: LINK BELOW 
Purchase or obtain a sufficient number of rubber duckies.
Write unique numbers on the bottom of each rubber duckie using a permanent marker.
Create Event Promotional Materials:
Design and print flyers, posters, and social media graphics to promote the event.
Include event details, date, time, and registration information.
Highlight the involvement of local businesses and the prize distribution.
Develop Registration System:
Set up an online registration system to capture participant information.
Collect participant names, contact details, and any additional required information.
Event Day:
Set Up:
Arrive early at the starting point to set up registration tables, signage, and promotional materials.
Prepare a checklist to ensure all necessary items are in place, including rubber duckies, prizes, and registration forms.
Greet participants and guide them through the registration process.
Provide each participant with a registration form and explain the event rules and guidelines.
Collect any required registration fees, if applicable.
Scavenger Hunt Instructions:
Gather all participants in a central location and provide a brief overview of the scavenger hunt.
Explain the rules, safety guidelines, and the importance of respecting private property.
Distribute a map of the scavenger hunt route and explain the starting point.
Scavenger Hunt:
Release participants to begin the scavenger hunt at the designated starting point.
Ensure volunteers or event staff members are stationed at each location to monitor progress and provide assistance if needed.
Encourage participants to take pictures and share their experience on social media using a designated event hashtag.
Prize Distribution:
Arrange for a designated area at the local restaurant for the prize distribution.
Display the donated prizes and create a numbered list to match the rubber duckie numbers.
Instruct participants to gather at the restaurant at a specified time to claim their prizes.
Prize Ceremony:
Thank all participants for their participation and community support.
Conduct a random prize drawing based on the numbers written on the rubber duckies.
Call out the winning numbers and announce the corresponding prize.
Prize Redemption:
Have volunteers or event staff members assist winners in claiming their prizes.
Verify the numbers on the winning rubber duckies against the numbered prize list.
Ensure each winner receives the correct prize and thank them for their participation.
Post-event Activities:
Clean Up:
Ensure all event materials, signage, and trash are collected and properly disposed of.
Leave the event area clean and tidy.
Thank You Notes:
Send personalized thank you notes to all sponsors, volunteers, and participants.
Express gratitude for their support and contribution to the event’s success.
Follow-Up Communication:
Share event highlights and photos on social media platforms.
Encourage participants to provide feedback and suggestions for future events.
Rubber duckies with numbers written on the bottom
Scavenger hunt route map
Registration forms
Promotional materials (flyers, posters, etc.)
Prize list with corresponding numbers
Signage and banners
Tables and chairs for registration
Pens/markers for registration
Event schedule/timeline
First aid kit
Volunteers/staff assignments
PA system or microphone for announcements
Camera or smartphone for capturing event moments
Cleaning supplies for post-event cleanup
Thank you notes and envelopes
Registration fees collection system (if applicable)
Prize redemption system