19 Best Practices to Grow Your Townsite

Top 19 Best Practices to Grow Your Townsite

1. Add contacts to your digital newsletter: Utilize the geo-targeted leads
provided by your Townsite service to identify potential clients in your local
area. Regularly add these contacts to your digital newsletter to keep them
informed about the latest updates and events in their community.

2. Leverage hyper-local potential clients: Take advantage of the geo leads
to pinpoint hyper-local potential clients live in the subdivisions you want to
target. Focus your marketing efforts on these individuals to increase your
chances of generating leads.

3. Monetize your Townsite: Identify key community partners who can benefit
from exposure on your Townsite. Establish partnerships that allow you to
monetize your platform by featuring local businesses or service providers.
This can include sponsored content, advertisements, or exclusive deals for
your audience.

4. Build a solid referral network: Cultivate relationships with your
community partners and turn them into solid referral partners. Collaborate
with professionals in related fields such as mortgage brokers, contractors, or
interior designers. By referring clients to each other, you can expand your
reach and generate more leads.

5. Regularly post on your Facebook Community page: Keep your
Facebook Community page active by posting relevant content consistently.
Share local news, events, updates, and engaging articles. Regular activity will
help you build an engaged community and increase your visibility among
your target audience.

6. Share and invite from your personal Facebook page: Extend the reach
of your Townsite by sharing posts from your Community page to your
personal Facebook profile. Invite friends, family, and acquaintances to like
and follow your Townsite. This will help you grow your audience and reach a
wider network of potential clients.

7. Utilize short-form videos and reels: Leverage the power of video content
on platforms like Instagram. Create short-form videos and reels that
showcase your expertise, provide valuable tips, or highlight interesting
aspects of your community. Share these videos on your Townsite to engage
your audience and attract new followers.


8. Take advantage of our long-form video scripting and editing: Utilize
the video author and editor services provided by your Townsite service. Plan
and script long-form community interviews and shorts that provide valuable
insights and information. Publish these videos on your Community YouTube
page to engage viewers and expand your reach on YouTube.

9. Utilize digital community email marketing: Make use of the digital
community email marketing feature provided by your Townsite service. Send
out a weekly newsletter composed of content articles, social media posts,
and local community updates. This automated process helps you stay
connected with your audience and deliver valuable information directly to
their inboxes.

10.Integrate your existing database: Take advantage of the option to
integrate your current database into your digital newsletter. Include your
existing contacts in the weekly newsletter to ensure they receive updates
and remain engaged with your Townsite.

11.Consider optional Facebook and Instagram ads: Boost the reach of your
content and increase your visibility by running optional Facebook and
Instagram ads. Target specific audiences based on their interests and
demographics to attract new followers and generate more leads. Set a
monthly budget that suits your needs and let the Townsite service manage
the ad campaigns for you.

12.Participate in weekly coaching sessions: Take advantage of the weekly
coaching sessions offered by your Townsite service. Engage with industry
experts who can provide valuable insights and practical advice tailored to
your specific needs. Implement the strategies and techniques discussed
during these sessions to accelerate your growth and establish yourself as a
trusted professional in your community.

13.Engage with your community: Actively engage with your community by
attending local events, participating in community initiatives, and supporting
local causes. Building genuine connections and establishing yourself as an
active member of the community will help you gain trust and credibility
among your audience.

14.Provide valuable content consistently: Continuously deliver valuable
content through your Townsite, social media platforms, and newsletters. This
can include community news, real estate market updates, tips for
homeowners, or insights into the local area. Consistency and relevance are
key to keeping your audience engaged and positioning yourself as a
knowledgeable expert.
15.Encourage audience interaction: Prompt your audience to engage with
your content by asking questions, conducting polls, or hosting giveaways.
Encourage them to share their thoughts, experiences, or recommendations
related to your community. By fostering interaction, you create a sense of
community and increase the likelihood of your content being shared and
reaching a wider audience.

16.Collaborate with local influencers: Identify and collaborate with local
influencers, bloggers, or content creators who have a strong following in your
community. Partnering with them for events, content collaborations, or social
media campaigns can help you tap into their audience and expand your

17.Network with other professionals: Network with professionals in related
fields. Attend industry events, join professional organizations, or participate
in online communities to expand your network and gain exposure to potential
clients outside your immediate community.

18.Monitor analytics and adjust strategies: Regularly review analytics data
from your Townsite, social media platforms, and email marketing campaigns.
Pay attention to engagement rates, website traffic, click-through rates, and
conversions. Use this data to identify what strategies are working well and
make adjustments to optimize your marketing efforts.

19.Be patient and consistent: Growing your audience and establishing
yourself as the go-to professional in your community takes time and
consistency. Stay committed to delivering valuable content, engaging with
your audience, and implementing effective marketing strategies. Over time,
your efforts will pay off, and you will see the growth and success you desire.

Remember, growing your Townsite and becoming a trusted professional in your
community requires effort and dedication. By implementing these best practices
and utilizing the services provided by your Townsite service, you will maximize your
chances of success and stand out from the competition.