Pre-Onboarding Form

Onboarding Checklist

Prior to starting your call, it is essential that you have certain key information prepared so that you can set up your TownSite in a timely manner. Having this data in advance will ensure that the process goes smoothly. Here’s what you’ll need to have available:

About You

  • A headshot of yourself. Find a good photo of yourself for display on your TownSite. This is essential if you’d like residents to associate you as the ambassador of their community. For best results, choose a photo that includes your head, your shoulders, and a smile.
  • A photo for your “Contact Me” page. Ideally this picture will be different than your headshot. For best results, choose a portrait-oriented, full body photo.
  • A few paragraphs about you and your business. What services do you provide your community? Share some information for leads who are interested in learning more. We want to highlight you on your Contact Me page so go ahead and brag a little about yourself, your services and why someone should choose you!
  • The website of your real estate business. We’ll also need the URL of the page where your listings are displayed.
  • Any legal text that you, your broker, or your MLS require to be displayed on your TownSite.

About Your Community

  • Find a large, high-quality photo that you feel best represents your community. This will be displayed on your homepage, so make sure it’s attention-grabbing and at least 1200 pixels in width.

Your TownSite

  • Think of a creative name for your TownSite. Something catchy like “Northville Now”, “All Things Ann Arbor”, “The Latest in Livonia”, etc.
  • A spreadsheet containing contacts from your CRM you would like added to your TownSites mailing list.
  • Finally, we’ll need you to create a Facebook community page. Here are Facebook’s instructions on how to create a page. Make sure to name it the same name that you came up with for your TownSite.¬† Once created, allow our TownSites Facebook profile¬†administrative rights to your page.

You can fill out your onboarding information prior to your meeting: Onboarding Form

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