Why Neighborhood Expertise Is Important

People don’t need us to help them buy a house. They can find homes on the internet. But we still have an advantage because we know the local market well and we are experts. We know which information on the internet is right and wrong.

Living in a neighborhood, town, suburb, or city does not automatically make you an expert on the prices of houses and how to sell them. But if you have sold a lot of houses in that area and answered lots of questions, you will be an expert. Nobody knows a local area better than someone who is experienced in real estate.

Knowing a lot of information about prices doesn’t mean you’re an expert at pricing a home. It’s really important to price a home correctly, as any appraiser is aware. Even if you have all the data, it can be difficult to know how to price a home properly. Many real estate agents don’t even know how to do this correctly!

People don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for data on the internet. Even though there is a lot of data available, homebuyers would rather someone else find and analyze it for them. They want to hire an agent they can trust who already knows all that information.

Experts know a lot more than what is available on the Internet. They can tell you why certain neighborhoods have high rates of distress. It could be because it can be difficult to access these areas during evening drive times, and they are far from an interstate highway, or because of the many problems with crime or education in these areas, or because of its reputation for being dangerous.

Local experts possess intimate knowledge about specific regions based off their extensive experience living within them; this information isn’t picked up through data gathering online but rather comes directly form years spent observing human behavior at close range—something most customers wouldn’t necessarily think twice about.

Keyword analysis shows that people want to know about neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods are one of the most popular things that people search for on the internet when it comes to real estate. Consumers really value neighborhood expertise! For example, “Atlanta neighborhoods” is second only to “homes for sale in Atlanta GA” when analyzing the most popular real estate keyword phrases.

When a person is moving to a large metro area like Atlanta or Houston, there are many suburbs and neighborhoods to choose from. It can be hard to decide where to start. An experienced real estate agent with local knowledge can find out what the person’s needs are and narrow down the focus to the top two or three places to consider within minutes. It could take months for a person relocating to a new area to figure that out by surfing the Internet. But if the person found your website when starting that process, then you have an incredible opportunity to build credibility and rapport with them.

The problem with our industry is that there are not enough agents who know a lot about their neighborhoods. This is a big opportunity for us. If we show that we are experts on our websites about our neighborhoods, people will be more likely to come to our websites and then become clients. This is a unique selling proposition that we have and most agents don’t use it enough!

How do you know which neighborhoods are great in a new area? By hiring an expert! People buy houses based on the community. That’s why it’s important to have a local real estate expert who knows the area well.

A good real estate agent sells houses. A great real estate agent sells neighborhoods.