Proving Your Worth as a Local Real Estate Expert

Home buyers and sellers want to work with a local expert who knows their market like the back of your hand. That means knowing all important data, such as:

  • What types of listings have sold most frequently?
  • What neighborhoods are hot right now according to recent sales statistics or demographics from neighborhood profiles on Zillow?
  • How much did an average home cost last year in this area versus another nearby location?

You also need to understand the town you live in. Know things like who lives there and what is happening in the community. You can do this by being involved in activities and events in your town. The following example activities show your customers that you are the local real estate expert, which is so much more powerful than simply saying so.

Attending local government meetings

Almost everything your local government discusses affects your business in one way or another. That is why it is important for you to attend town hall meetings. You can learn about the projects the government is working on, and how they will affect your community. You can also learn about the new housing regulations, and how they will impact you.

As a real estate expert, you can speak for your clients and help them get their concerns heard by the people who make decisions. You don’t have to be in office or on a committee to do this. Just showing up and taking part in the discussion is a powerful statement about your commitment to the community.

Supporting youth programs

There are many children’s clubs and organizations that you can support. For a small amount of money, you can sponsor the uniforms for a sports team for a season or help pay for an out-of-town competition. This will help the kids involved in those activities.

Helping other organizations in your community is a great way to give back and at the same time help vulnerable children. You could fund or advise programs like those that provide guidance for youth who are struggling, after school initiatives so kids can stay connected with their peers outside of school hours as well as providing them food assistance when needed. When these important organization close down you should have an ice cream party celebrating our success while thanking donors.

Start a local group

Who doesn’t love a good discussion? If you have an opinion about the hot-button issues in your community or growing interests that are happening around town, then create a Facebook group for buyers and sellers to get advice from real estate experts. You can even start conversations with other members on these subjects by spilling some knowledge first!

As the discussion continues, it’s important to stay out of these group chats. Don’t use them for marketing purposes and never try advertising directly in a conversation since that could sour some members’ feelings towards your business or industry entirely! Instead focus on providing value during every chat by giving advice when appropriate; people will come back because they know what sets you apart from other professionals within this field.

Create neighborhood touring videos

If you are an expert in your area, then it’s time to show off! Share all of the knowledge that makes up who lives there. Local real estate experts not only share their buying and selling tips but they also prove themselves knowledgeable by filming videos just like these for prospective clients so everyone knows exactly where things are nearby—from homes available now to restaurants, events and schools.

You can make videos about your area to show people what it is like. For instance. talk about the best pizza places and give a little review for each. You can put these videos on your website, YouTube channel, Facebook, and Instagram. You could also put them in an email to your contacts. People will see that you are an expert in the area and this will help you get more leads.

You are an authority on your market and you can turn that knowledge into lead-generating video content. That’s because the right type of videos have been proven to increase conversions, attract new potential customers for businesses like yours!

Simply stay active

There are many different ways to help others, depending on where you live. You can put on a single event to help an organization get attention, money, and resources. This is a fun way to help out your community. There are also many more great ideas:

Host and promote a blood drive. Collect books and toys for kids. Plan a coat donation. Bring snacks and supplies to first responders.

How can becoming a local expert enable you to give back to your community?

Think about it: People often ask you for recommendations for things. They might want to know about local restaurants, shops, or festivals. You’re a local expert, so you can give them the best suggestions.

What if you had one digital place where people could go to get suggestions from you over and over again?

Later on in the Blueprint, we’ll be discussing how to use your website to give back to the community even further.