Using Trello To Create A Daily Planner

I used to use different planners and methods to organize my life. Previously I made a huge white board that helped me plan what days I was working, when I would go on vacation, etc. But now, I use Trello because it’s been helpful for me. This is how it works for me so far.

Trello is a list-making app that I use on my computer, phone, and iPad. It’s free, can be used anywhere, and syncs if you make changes. You can add links and attachments to tasks in the list. The format is visual with color-coding options.

I use the rock, pebbles, and sand approach when it comes to planning my time. Rocks are important commitments; sand is emails or tasks that are not so important; and pebbles are actions that move the needle in terms of your personal/career growth.

To put everything in a jar, you start with rocks, add pebbles, and pour in sand. That’s the only way to fit everything on your to-do list into your week.

When I set up my to-do list, I make a column for each day of the week. For each day, I put all the things that need to be done for work on my board. These include appointments with doctors, dentists, other people for work related things, and other appointments. I pull these appointments from my calendar.

I also color code things on the to do list because it helps me find what needs to be done quickly without looking through everything on the board all at once!

I can add my “pebbles” and then my “sand.” I make sure to color coordinate tasks. For example, I color coordinate things—for example, prospecting with orange, financials with yellow, and social media with blue.

Another nice thing about Trello is that you can add attachments to any task. I will often attach contracts to lender updates. This way, I can easily refer to them and make sure that I am meeting my needs. You can also add due dates and invite other people to specific tasks if you need to.

Some Extra Handy Tips For Planning Your Week

Every morning, I look at what I have to do that day and then move it around. Sometimes, I change where tasks are or even take them off for another day. It is important not to give yourself too many tasks on a day simply because you might not be able to finish all of them. Think about how much time you can spend on a task each day before adding it to the list.

Planning is very important. Make time for it at the end of each week. This way, you will be ready to start on Monday morning and you won’t forget anything from the previous week. When you finish a task, hit the archive button so it will appear as done on the list of tasks for that day. Or create a special “done” column and move it there.

Trello can prove essential for daily organization. It fits into the palm of your hand and you can create boards to plan different aspects of your day, week, month or year. You can add cards to each board with items that need to get done by certain dates. If you’re looking for a way to stay organized on-the-go, give it a try!