How To Effectively Eliminate Distractions

There are hundreds of distractions in life that will take over if you let them. They always promise great results, but in the end they just stop you from doing important things and achieving your goals. But you can avoid these distractions and stop them when you work.

First, tackle your bad habits. To be healthy, you need to sleep well, eat healthy food and exercise. Turn off the TV when you are not watching it. Set up a bedtime routine so you can fall asleep easily. Then your mind will be clear and you will have energy to do your work. You won’t hear negative voices from the media as often if you are in good health with a clear mind!

If a machine is broken, you will not get very far. It is important to keep it well-oiled and ready for a challenge. Like a machine, if you do not sleep, eat healthy, and exercise, then you will burn out quickly.

Declutter your mind and recognize your impulses. When you are thinking too many things at the same time, it is hard to think about anything else. You can’t hear your own voice over the voices in your head. The first thing you should do is notice that you are running on autopilot. Next, turn off autopilot and focus on what is happening right now.

Plan ahead: The morning before your day starts, you should think about what is important and urgent that day. You can do this by using the Eisenhower Matrix we discussed earlier in this chapter. Put things in order and think about what you need to do and which tasks you should avoid.

Some tasks can be tricky. They can be urgent, but not very interesting. For example, a colleague might ask you a question about their problem or call you or email you and so on. You have always done these things in the past, but now it’s time for a change. Decide what to do instead of just doing what you’ve always done before because that is the way it has always been. Hold on to this decision and follow through with it!

Prepare your environment accordingly. When you’re doing a difficult task, it is important to prepare your workplace. Clean up the walls so that you will not be distracted. Remove pictures, photographs and knick-knacks that may divert your attention. Get rid of clutter so that energy can flow freely. It’s also good to have some food and water on hand in case you need it while working on difficult tasks for a long time.

This goes for your computer and phone as well. A great way to avoid distractions is by turning off notifications and getting rid of unnecessary apps on your computer. You can also use online software to block certain sites that might tempt you if they come up while you are working. This will make it easier for you to pay attention when there is nothing distracting you.

If you can’t actually close the door to you office, do it figuratively. Tell people you are busy for a certain time and ask them to not disturb you. This way, if you work all the time at your job instead of talking with coworkers, you’ll get more time and will be able to move faster and accomplish more things. Remember to mute your phone when you want to focus on something else.

Delegate your time. It is very important to do this. After you get to your desk, write a list of tasks with a time allotment for each task. Use the planning techniques we explored earlier. If you are running late, that’s okay! This will help you plan better in the future and also makes it easier for you to keep track of everything.

If you’re still having trouble, try this: Act as if you are being watched and your deadline is getting closer. If you know that people are watching you, your performance will get better.

Utilize our daily planning techniques. Manage your tasks. Do the big ones first. Break them up into smaller pieces. You should also think about how much time it will take you to do each piece of work, and plan accordingly. If you get stuck on one problem, get rid of it by doing something else for a while, like making many small assignments and completing them all in one day.

Distractions are all around us, and they’re getting stronger every day. There is no shortage of things that will take over your time if you let them – email notifications, social media posts, the news cycle- it’s hard to avoid them sometimes when we have so many options available at our fingertips. But there is a way to fight back against these distractions! You can eliminate them one by one by implementing simple strategies in your life. And you’ll satisfaction in your life journey as long as you remain in control of it.