5:15 AM: The Most Productive Time For Early Risers

Early risers are arguably more successful. The reason is because they are more productive. But how early should you set your alarm? I used to think that 6 AM. was enough, but then I realized it wasn’t.

Through trial and error, I’ve found that the most productive time to wake up is 5:15 on the dot. Some people are really good at waking up early, some are not, but anyone can wake up at 5:15, so it might be good for you to try this out.

The University of Bologna and the University of Education Heidelberg did a cooperative study. They found that morning people are more successful than evening people. People who get up early do better in school and get better jobs because they anticipate problems and try to fix them head on.

I get more done in the morning because it is so quiet. I am usually the only one awake in my home. I do not receive phone calls or emails yet. So, I use this time to reflect, meditate, write things down, make sure everything is alright overnight and review my calendar for any changes that need to be made.

Advantages of the 5:15 Wake Up Time

It can make you more active. Successful people wake up early to exercise. Exercising is good for your body because it makes your blood flow better. This also makes you more alert and energized! And it improves your stamina too!

It can make you more creative. There are many people who say, after waking up earlier, they’ve had ideas for things. Some of the greatest works of art were thought or made in the morning, before they needed to work for the day. Irish writer Edna O’Brien prefers to work in the morning. She says that she is nearer to her unconscious, which is where inspiration comes from.

It can make you more consistent. Some people feel more productive in the morning and others feel more productive at night. Jens-Michael Potthast of the Institute of Integrated Production found that morning people have a constant capacity for higher performance throughout the day while night people have fluctuations throughout the day and peaked at night.

It can make you more successful. When people wake up early, they can do a lot of good things before work. In the morning, you can exercise, drink a healthy breakfast, and read your emails. You can also plan for your day and organize what you need to do at work. It is easy to be organized in the morning because it is quieter then and few people are around.

If you are not a morning person, you can change that. You can get up earlier. For example, instead of sleeping at midnight, sleep by nine or ten o’clock. Then set your alarm for 6:45 AM., then 6 AM, and so on until 5:15 AM. When the alarm rings, don’t hit snooze or do anything but get up as soon as possible and start your day as best as possible!

Our morning rituals are what set the tone for our day. A study by Harvard Business School found that people who work out in the morning, eat breakfast and start their day with some sort of goal-oriented activity are more productive than those who do not. So if you’re looking to be your most productive self during business hours, try starting your mornings off on a positive note at 5:15am when productivity peaks!