Welcome to The Modern Agent Blueprint Course.

A true set of instructions to success in the Real Estate market is printed below. It is meant to be read section by section, but you can reference any point as necessary for assistance.

The Blueprint has six main sections, each containing a set of articles which details crucial skills which, when applied, will change the way you approach your Real Estate business. Their aim is to help you do more in less time, and make more with less effort.

Each section also includes bonus articles to read and suggestions for books to read that go further into the topics explored. Neither of these are required, but are recommended to familiarized yourself with the topics and to better integrate them into your everyday routine.

Reading can only take you so far, however—real change is made by doing. At the end of each section, you’ll be presented with a list of activities, challenges, and other ways you can utilize the lessons you’ve learned. We recommend trying each one for yourself, and using them as a gauge of how far you’ve come. Once you feel you’re ready, move on to the next section.


Table of Contents

Section 1: Finding the Time

You’re already an extremely busy person. Where are you going to find the time to apply these lessons?

In this section we’ll discuss:

  • The benefits of becoming an early riser (and whether you should)
  • How to best plan out your day
  • Tracking key performance indicators of productivity
  • How to eliminate distractions

Section 2: The Magic of Local Influence

Your most lucrative target market may not be who you think it is. Learn how aiming small can earn you big.

In this section we’ll discuss:

  • Hyperlocal marketing and its importance to you
  • How to become an expert on your neighborhood
  • Ways to engage and be a part of your target community
  • How to build a website that gets you business

Section 3: The Modern Agent Lead Generation Machine

Ditch the bucket and learn how to build an aqueduct using modern, internet-based lead generation solutions.

In this section we’ll discuss:

  • How to adapt an inbound marketing mindset
  • Building and establishing a brand
  • Lead magnets and other lead capture techniques
  • Content creation and SEO
  • The power of email and SMS

Section 4: Art of Social Media Marketing

In the digital age, social interactions have found a new home on the internet. Fortunately, this makes things a lot easier for you.

In this section we’ll discuss:

  • Setting up your social media profiles
  • Curating content for your viewers
  • How to create astounding video
  • Best practices for engaging with your audience
  • How to effectively advertise online

Section 5: Making Real Connections

Mastering referral marketing is the only true method to creating a business in which your clients work for you.

In this section we’ll discuss:

  • How to create a thriving business directory
  • Showcasing local businesses, events, and deals
  • Interacting with clients at crucial moments
  • Advertising events for your clients
  • Generating referrals through email

Section 6: All About Automation

For every simple task, there’s a way to make it simpler. Cut hours—or days—out of your workday using these imperative techniques.

In this section we’ll discuss:

  • Automation for your website
  • Automation for social media tasks
  • Automation for email marketing
  • Using a virtual assistant for video editing, copywriting, advertising, and more

Conclusion: What Next?

The real challenge is making these lessons work for you. Additional resources are included in this section to help you succeed as a Modern Agent.