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For agents, leads are everything.

Leads are the reason your business thrives or fails. And it can be tough to get them in today’s competitive market when there are so many other agents vying for the same attention—not to even mention the big dogs like Zillow.

That’s why we at Townsites created this easy-to-follow Blueprint that shows you how to turn your real estate business into an irresistible lead magnet. Our comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to increase your leads, appointments and sales, and ultimately destroy your competition.

The Blueprint takes our most effective lead attraction techniques and secrets, boils them down to their fundamentals, then lays them in a section-by-section, easy-to-read format. Completing this guide will make you more informed than your competition, but applying the techniques for yourself will make you an unstoppable force in lead generation.

The Blueprint also integrates seamlessly with our lead generation software, Townsites. Paired together, you can become a real estate celebrity and you can get there without breaking a sweat. With the strategies of the Blueprint and the automation of Townsites, you achieve dominant control over your market.

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