8 Must-Have Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

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Written By Ryan Humphries

Posted on October 1, 2021


If you’re considering a career as a real estate agent, you might be wondering: Do I have what it takes? While sometimes the best approach to a new career is to throw yourself in the deep end and speak to as many professionals as possible, it’s also essential to consider if you have the traits associated with the industry’s top performers.

We’ve developed a guide of eight must-have qualities of a great real estate agent. Let’s explore these qualities in more detail below:

1. Persistence

All successful real estate agents must have an underlying motivation to succeed. By being persistent, you can generate enough leads to win future clients and sell homes.

Establishing a reputation as a successful real estate agent can take a long time. That’s why it’s critical to have a personality that’s willing to keep pushing, even when success looks far away.

You need to build trust with potential clients, which means that it may take months before your hard work starts to pay off.

2. Professionalism

Professionalism is one of the key qualities associated with successful real estate agents. Your clients will be trusting you with a transaction that can have a major impact on their future finances. For many people, buying a home is the largest transaction they will make in their lifetime.

You must exhibit professionalism if you want to be entrusted with this type of responsibility. This entails dressing well, showing up on time, responding to emails quickly, and demonstrating knowledge about the house you’re selling.

3. Flexibility

Selling a home can require significant flexibility. If a potential buyer wants to view a house outside normal business hours, you must make yourself available and adaptable. Show your clients and potential buyers that you’re willing to sacrifice for them.

4. The Desire to Network

Networking is critical to real estate success. Whether it’s attending network events, open houses, seminars, investor conferences, or any other real estate-related event, your actions can go a long way in generating leads. Putting yourself forward can have excellent career advantages.

5. The Ability to Play the Long Game

Playing the long game is essential in real estate. While it can be frustrating when people pull out of transactions or decide to delay selling a home, being patient is critical.

By laying the groundwork now, you can develop a network and a reputation that benefits you long into the future. Don’t expect immediate results, and don’t be upset if you miss specific opportunities. If you’re willing to remain consistent and play the long game, you may find the future holds plenty of business.

6. An Enjoyable Personality

As real estate agents constantly need to interact with sellers, buyers, brokers, and investors, a friendly demeanor is necessary. You should feel comfortable interacting socially and making new friends. Individuals with abrasive personalities are unlikely to succeed in real estate.

7. A Comprehensive Approach

With so many channels available to market homes, it’s essential to have a comprehensive approach if you want success in real estate. You should be willing to market door-to-door, attend open houses, hand out leaflets, use digital marketing, create eye-catching advertisements, and more.

8. Tech Competence

While real estate has traditionally been an industry that requires in-person introductions and networking, the tech industry is changing rapidly. It’s now more essential than ever to be tech literate if you’re planning on entering the real estate market.

You’ll need to generate listings on various websites, manage digital advertisements, curate your social media pages, and develop an online presence that establishes authority.

If you want to gain a leading edge in the competitive modern real estate industry, don’t overlook the importance of using all the tech tools at your disposal.

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