Where your community is the stage and you are the star.

TownSites is an AI platform crafted specifically for making you the local influencer in your community. Become locally prominent across all digital marketing verticals—social media, email, business listings, even SEO—with the help of your TownSite.

A TownSite is a supercharged marketing website—Not only does it come packed with consistently updated community news and happenings, it also writes local content articles on your behalf, posts relevant and engaging updates to all major social media platforms, and creates and maintains a weekly digital newsletter, all the while working to grow your local influence and your audience by channeling the traffic it generates into your lead funnel.

Turn your Townsite into an unparalleled profit center by teaming up with local professionals!

Create a robust community networking group that’s ingrained in your Townsite, allowing you to offer prime advertising space to your partners and create a rock solid referral network!

Don’t miss out on this chance to elevate your real estate business and enjoy the perks of being the exclusive agent in your town.

With TownSites, you will establish local dominance, build local authority, generate an additional stream of income, build a solid network of local business professionals, save time, and create an engaged local community.


Bulk TownSite Order

Pay today and reserve cities in your preferred communities.

5 TownSite Bundle

Normally 5 x $695 = $3,475
eXp Con Discount: 10%
5 x $625 = $3,125

10 TownSite Bundle

Normally 10 x $695 = $6,950
eXp Con Discount: 14.34%
10x $595 = $5,950

20 TownSite Bundle

Normally 20 x $695 = $13,900
eXp Con Discount: 28.8%
20x $495 = $9,900

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