Pre-Built Websites for Real Estate Agents

Reach New Audiences Through a Pre-Built Website for Real Estate Agents

A TownSites membership gives real estate agents a pre-built website that adds credibility to your brand and attracts qualified leads.

Expand Your Presence in Your Community

With a TownSites website, you can engage with your local community and expand your reach quickly. As a real estate agent, our website builder allows you to establish authority over the market and help prospective buyers see you as the trusted provider for all things real estate.

Your pre-built website is fully customizable, so you can display real-estate-related content the way you want without the need to know how to code and maintain websites.

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Why Choose TownSites?

Customizable Website

The best thing about TownSites is the intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Despite being pre-built, this allows you to customize how your real estate agent website looks to readers.

Support Local

TownSites has a searchable directory of local businesses within the community. You can connect with others and expand your influence by promoting your favorites.

Hyper-Local Headlines

Your TownSite pulls the latest news from social media pages relevant to your local community so that you can get up-to-date insights and be more connected.

Other Features

Real Estate Lead Generation

Generate highly qualified leads with the use of online real estate marketing tools and techniques from TownSites.

Email Newsletter

At the end of every week, we’ll compile all your content and send them in one comprehensive newsletter to your subscribers.

Online Coaching

Enroll in online courses, schedule one-on-one support and collaborate with other real estate agents.

Get a TownSite today and become a real estate local ambassador by sharing and strengthening your community.

Still unsure?

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