Email Marketing Services for Realtors

Reaching Real Estate Buyers Through Email Marketing

Email remains one of the most effective marketing channels, no matter the industry. And in an industry that thrives on data and information, real estate businesses can benefit from email marketing and newsletter services. Townsites handles your email marketing.

Automated Email Marketing Services

As a part of TownSites’ real estate lead generation solutions for realtors, we provide email marketing services. These services include sending newsletters to your subscriber list, with content automatically taken from your community website.

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Why Choose TownSites

Automatic Newsletter Creation

Your TownSite automatically compiles all the content you’ve created and posted into one comprehensive newsletter, ready to be sent to subscribers.

Effective and Relevant Content

With fun and insightful content sent through newsletter emails, you have a highly effective real estate marketing strategy in your arsenal.

Customizable Newsletter Scheduling

You don’t have to worry about scheduling your newsletters. You can simply set your TownSite to deliver them weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Other Features

Real Estate Lead Generation

Generate highly qualified leads with the use of online real estate marketing tools and techniques from TownSites.

Website Builder

Showcase your business with a TownSites website that brings you closer to your local community and quality leads.

Online Coaching

Enroll in online courses, schedule one-on-one support and collaborate with other real estate agents.

Get a TownSite today and become a real estate local ambassador by sharing and strengthening your community.

Still unsure?

You can learn more about TownSites’ email marketing services for realtors and decide if it’s the right tool to help you achieve your business goals. Fill out the registration form for a free webinar. You can also try it for 30 days for just $1.