Supercharge your real estate business. Join TownSites.

The following features come packaged with your TownSites membership:

A fully-customizable, pre-built community website that includes:

  • Intuitive, drag-and-drop editor, easy to edit or expand upon

  • Newsfeed that automatically populates with your Facebook posts

  • Up-to-date, searchable directory of businesses and restaurants in the community

    • *Each business listing can be further expanded upon with highlight videos, reviews, and more

    • Directory can be customized to show videos, specials, deals and other local happenings

  • Deals page for scanning through current local Groupon deals

  • Events page for finding upcoming things to do around town

  • Real estate listings for sale from the user’s MLS directory

A completely automated e-newsletter

  • Automatically pre-populated with content from your community website

  • Delivered to your clients and contacts weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (whichever you prefer)

  • Infinitely customizable via a drag-and-drop editor

An invaluable supply of knowledge and guidance from the TownSites team

  • Collaborate with other real estate agents around the country using TownSites through Mastermind sessions and calls

  • Schedule 1-on-1 website support from the developers

  • Attend weekly webinars with top influencers and other TownSites subscribers

  • *Free access to online courses that guide you from step 1 to success with TownSites. Learn how to:

    • Customize and extend your TownSite

    • Post high-quality, engaging content

    • Shoot exceptional video and write amazing articles

    • Promote your TownSite and increase your viewer count and boost your sales

* = Coming this September.

Coming Soon: TownSites Marketplace

We’ll be offering the following services à la carte to help you take your TownSite even further:

  • Video Editing
  • Script Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC Advertising
  • SEO Services
  • …and more!

Try for 30 days for the price of a cup of coffee. Enter code “STARBUCKS” at checkout for an instant discount.

After that, it’s just $99 per month.