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An Entire Suite of Training Content

TownSites provides turnkey organic lead generation solutions for real estate agents. Beyond that, you can rely on the TownSites team for support. We ensure that you have all the resources you need and fully understand how to make the most out of your TownSites website.

Collaborate with Your Community

At its core, TownSites is all about fostering a supportive community that can help you thrive. With features like Mastermind calls and sessions, you can collaborate with other real estate agents across the country.

We also host weekly webinars where you can gain insights from top real estate influencers, helping you grow your brand. You can even schedule one-on-one calls with website developers to keep your TownSite functioning at its best.

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Why Choose TownSites

Collaborate with others

TownSites is a platform that makes it easy to connect and work with other real estate agents across the country. This means you get massive opportunities for growth and to widen your social influence.

Learn how to leverage social media

Add value to your local community through your TownSite website with relevant and informative posts. In addition, utilize our free online courses to teach yourself how to grow your business with social media.

Get dedicated support

The TownSites team is ready to lend a hand and guide you when you encounter a bump in the road. Whether it’s creating your local community website to engaging with your audience, we’re here to help.

Other Features

Real Estate Lead Generation

Generate highly qualified leads with the use of online real estate marketing tools and techniques from TownSites.

Email Newsletter

At the end of every week, we’ll compile all your content and send them in one comprehensive newsletter to your subscribers.

Website Builder

Showcase your business with a TownSites website that brings you closer to your local community and quality leads.

Get a TownSite today and become a real estate local ambassador by sharing and strengthening your community.

Need help?

You can learn more about TownSites’ customer care services for realtors. Schedule a consultation here.