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A turnkey solution to real estate lead marketing.

If you’re looking for a simple, effective and affordable platform for attracting leads for your real estate business, TownSites is exactly what you’re after.

Using our special method that leverages automation and social media, TownSites makes you famous in your target community. No more cold calling or door knocking—residents will simply call you when it’s time to buy or sell their home.

Here’s how it works:

First, we’ll set you up with a TownSite

A TownSite is a special website that’s different that the one your broker gave you. It uses automation to build your local influence. It’s the central piece of a sophisticated lead generation machine.

On your TownSite, your community is the stage and you are the star. Choose your target community or neighborhood and receive a professionally crafted and managed website packed with every business, event, bargain, news article, and update the internet has to offer about that area. Your TownSite will make you the newly appointed ambassador of your community.

Why does it work?

It focuses on something your audience cares about—their community! A website that focuses on your real estate agency doesn’t concern your audience on a regular basis. By focusing on something they deeply care about, your website becomes a valuable, consistent resource.

By staying local, you have little to no competition. The more focused your target audience is, the more successful you will be. Why compete with Zillow and the other big dogs? They can never be as relevant to your audience as you can by staying local.

You’re already an expert on the subject matter. If you live in your choice community already, then you already know your subject material. What’s more, your target audience becomes none other than the people you share your morning commute with every day.

True to Your Brand

Theme and customize your Townsite however you’d like with an industry-leading drag-and-drop editor. Or simply let the pros do the work for you.

You're the Star

Position yourself as the expert! On your TownSite, you are your visitors’ guide to all things their town. Establish recognition and trust by putting yourself front and center.

Promote Local Businesses

Each TownSite comes with a directory of your town’s businesses and restaurants out of the box. It showcases the ones you decide to share with your audience.

Hyper-local Headlines

Your TownSite will pull the latest local news from your social media pages, turning it into the most content-rich source of community info on the web.

Community Events and Deals

Visitors are greeted with things to do and ways to save with an up-to-date list of community happenings and local discounts right on the homepage.

Automatic Lead Capture

Your TownSite works around the clock to convert your visitors into subscribers of your content using the most effective lead generation techniques.

Show Off Your Listings

Your TownSite pulls your listings directly from your Real Estate site, so your viewers see them every time they’re interested in the goings-on of their community.


Next, we’ll start updating your TownSite with local content

Once you’re the owner of your community’s most reliable source of information, We’ll begin supplying your TownSite and its social media channels with a daily stream of relevant and viral content, keeping your visitors informed and engaged, and you constantly in the spotlight.

Here’s some of what you’ll be offering your visitors:

Daily social media posts

Our staff will consistently search for the most relevant content to post on your social media channels. Any content shared on your channels will be automatically placed on the front page of your TownSite as well.

Content and news articles

We’ll be writing you a steady supply of articles to share with your followers. The focus here is relevance—topics covered will range from the latest goings-on downtown to the best places to get coffee.

Latest deals and bargains

Deals from around the community, updated daily, will be placed front and center for residents looking for ways to save.

Community events

Residents looking for something to do in their neighborhood don’t need to look far: You’ll be sharing community events, also updated daily for your convenience.

Homes for sale

Of course, your listed homes will be showcased on all your social media channels for those who are looking to buy, updated from your real estate website automatically.

What about video?

Video is the Internet’s bread and butter, and in order to make it as an influencer, you’ll need videos on your channels too. We won’t be there to shoot the video for you, but we do make shooting video a piece of cake, even if you’ve never done it before.

Here’s how:

What we do

What you do

Write the script
Make appointments with any interviewees
Shoot the video and upload the footage
Edit the video
Showcase the video and featured businesses on your TownSite
Publish the video to your social media channels

What we do:

Write the script
Make appointments with any interviewees
Edit the video
Showcase the video and featured businesses on your TownSite
Publish the video to your social media channels


What you do:

Shoot the video and upload the footage

Finally, we’ll start sharing your TownSite with your target audience

By this point, your TownSite has become a complete directory of community information, and its pages and social media channels are packed to the brim with interesting and viral local content. All that’s left is to obtain a following. And guess what—we help you with that too.

Here’s how we do it:

We first use Ad Retargeting to build your brand’s awareness.

Using Facebook and Instagram ads, we share your content with people in your target market. Once they’ve shown interest, we serve them your content again and again so that your face and brand is always in view and in mind, and they are more likely to spread your content organically by liking and sharing.

You’re in charge here: You can spend as much or as little as you’d like (or none at all) on ads.


We then use Lead Generation to learn about your audience.

Visitors to your TownSite are prompted to enter their email address and phone number to get local content delivered straight to their inbox. This way, you know the contact information of your most loyal followers and your contact list will continue to grow without any input from you.


Finally, we use Email Marketing to stay in touch with your leads.

The people on your contact list will continue to receive helpful community information each week via email, and they’ll also be the first to know when you publish a listing. When it comes time for them to buy or sell, you’ll be the first on their mind!

TownSites is the easiest way to:

  • Market yourself and your business as the real estate authority
  • Get more leads, appointments, sales, and local recognition
  • Easily attract new clients who now know, like, and trust you
  • Quit worrying about what your competitors are doing
  • Stop wasting money on platforms that suck your time & energy

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