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Searching for Subject Matter

This task requires training. Please set up a training webinar prior to completing this task.

A TownSite needs updating regularly. Some areas—such as the Deals, Events, and Listings sections—update automatically, but Content Articles and Social Media Posts need to be updated manually.

First, though, we need to find something to write about. This article offers information and examples on how to do that.

The best place to look is in the TownSites’s Community Resources field. Log into the TownSite Dashboard, then from the left-hand menu select Settings → General. Community Resources are listed near the bottom of the page.

Links provided often include local government websites, news outlets, and social media feeds. Social media feeds tend to be updated the most often, but any of these resources are valid places to find updates. Choose a resource and visit the website.

As an example, let’s visit facebook.com/DowntownNorthville from the list above.

Examples of Subject Matter

Given a bit of sleuthing and creativity, quality content sources can be found just about anywhere. Here are some examples of subject matter found within the Community Resources. We’ll discuss how to use them to create valuable content in subsequent articles.

Facebook Event

The first post on facebook.com/DowntownNorthville is a pinned post for an upcoming event. Clicking on it reveals a lengthy description. This is perfect for creating a Content Article or a Social Media Post.

See: Creating a Content Article from an Event

Local Business Directory

Scrolling down the page, we find a post that links to the main page of downtownnorthville.com, which in turn has boxes with links to a list of both their Shopping and Dining directories. Two sources of content right there.

See: Creating a Content Article from a List

Singular Web Page

To the right of those two boxes is another box, this one linking to a web page about Northville’s Social District. Although the web page is only a few paragraphs long, we can create an entire content article using just this page with the help of our AI tools. The web page even includes pictures and a list of the District’s restaurants, making it even more valuable.

See: Creating a Content Article from Existing Content

Business Listing

We could find many more content sources at downtownnorthville.com, but let’s go back to their Facebook page. The next post down advertises the latest production from the local theatre. This seems like a great business to write about, and the theatre has a website with lots of content with which to create an article.

See: Creating a Content Article for a Business

Singular Post

Scrolling down the page, we see that a couple local businesses are accepting donations to charity. Can we write an entire content article about this? Maybe not, but we can certainly write an article on how to give to local charities and mention this post within it.

Sometimes a post gives yield to a much broader topic to write about. If you’re not an expert on local charities, don’t worry; we can use AI to help us write a quality article on the subject in just minutes.

See: Creating a Content Article from a Topic

Above we have five great subject matter sources to choose from, and we only visited one of our Community Resources!

Please Note: Finding a topic for your Content Article should take less than 5 minutes if done right. If it is taking longer than that, please reach out for help!

Once you’ve decided on a subject matter, you can start writing your content. Doing so takes just minutes once you get the hang of it. We’ll explore how to do this in the next few articles.