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Scheduling the Content Article

At this point, you should have a complete Content Article, complete with formatting, external links, and images. The final step is to schedule it. We will be sharing the Content Article on our Social Media Channels as well.

After it is published, the Content Article will be picked up by the Newsletter and included with it on its next delivery.

Creating the Social Media Content

We will be sharing the Content Article on Facebook (and Instagram and Twitter, if applicable).

The first step for this is to generate engaging Post Content. We will do this with the help of our AI companion, Jasper.

Set up Jasper

You should now see a screen similar to the one pictured to the right.

  • On the left-hand side of the screen, you should see a field labeled Tone of Voice. Enter the Customer’s Tone of Voice into this box. Click here for information on where to find this.

Generate the Facebook Post Content

Let’s start by generating the content we will be using for the Facebook Post.

  • To start, copy and paste the title and introductory paragraph from our article into Jasper’s Document Editor.
  • In the gray Command Box below, enter the command “Rewrite the above as a Facebook post“.

If you don’t like the output, you can always click Retry Last Output to try again.

If Jasper’s output ends up being first-person format, you can enter the command “Rewrite in third-person format” to fix it.

  • Copy Jasper’s output. This will be our Facebook Post Content.

Generate the Instagram Post Content and Hashtags (if applicable)

If the Customer has an Instagram page, we will need to generate Post Content for the Instagram post. This is simple:

  • Click the Retry Last Output button at the bottom of the page. Jasper will write the post again. We can use this re-written text for the Instagram Post Content. Copy it and set it aside.
  • Now delete Jasper’s response and enter the command “Generate hashtags for the above“. Jasper will generate Hashtags for your content article. Copy the first 3 and set them aside.

Generate the Twitter Post Content (if applicable)

If the Customer has a Twitter page, we will need to generate a tweet for them next. Here’s how:

  • On the top center of the page, click the Power Mode icon (1). Then, in the left-hand menu, click Tweet Machine (2).
  • Under What is your tweet about?, enter the title and introductory paragraph of your Content Article. Enter the Tone of Voice in the Tone of voice field.
  • Click Generate AI Content. Jasper will write a list of tweets.
  • Copy the one that you feel would work best as your Twitter Post Content and set it aside.

We’re all done with Jasper for now. Go back to your Content Article on the TownSite Dashboard for the next step.