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Finalizing a Content Article

Responsible Party: Maintenance
Time to Complete: Approx. 10 minutes

This task requires training. Please set up a training webinar prior to completing this task.

After an article is done being written, it will still need some finishing touches, which will be explored in this section.


An article written by AI, without guidance and supervision by a savvy content writer, can be easily distinguished by a perceptive reader. In the worst case scenario it can come out looking like a word salad. So after saving the article as a draft, read through it and look for the following.

Repetition: This is the most common one. Jasper will often forget what it has already written and repeat information that has already been established. Removing repetitive information will result in fewer raised eyebrows from the audience.

Subject Matter: Jasper can often veer off course during its writing and talk about a completely irrelevant subject; this is why keeping the AI on course is important. Commands and prompts entered by you as it writes along keeps it from going too far astray. Also to keep in mind: Jasper may at times go astray with its Tone of Voice. Unless you are writing a fiction story, it may not be in our best interest to get too dramatic.

Integrity: This is the most important one—be sure to fact-check everything Jasper writes. Unlike Siri, Jasper is not connected to the Internet, so it is limited in its output by its database and the information you feed to it. Don’t automatically assume that it knows what it’s talking about! Missing a glaring untruth can lead to embarrassment for everyone.

Usefulness: Ensure the reader is not wasting their time reading your article. Each section should have a key point that provides interest, information or use to the reader.

Readability: The article be in an easily digestible paragraph structure, with around 3 to 6 sentences per paragraph, ideally. When applicable, subheaders (i.e., H2 text) should be placed above sections of text. Also, marking key text in bold greatly increases legibility.

After going through the article and scanning for issues regarding the above, we have a couple more steps before it reaches the eyes of our readers. Refer to the articles below.