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Determining the Tone of Voice

Tone of Voice is important when addressing your viewers, and each Customer has a different Tone of Voice. Before creating any content, let’s determine which Tone of Voice we should use when writing for our Customer.

To find the Customer’s Tone of Voice:

If the field is blank, you will need to determine the Tone of Voice using Jasper. Here’s how to do that.

  • From the Primary Dashboard, visit the the Onboarding Submissions page and select the submission form of the Customer.
  • Copy the Description of Your Community section.
  • Log into Jasper and click here to bring up the Tone Detector page.
  • Under Content Description, paste the text you copied. Click Generate.
  • Jasper will try to determine the Tone of Voice based on the description you pasted in. (It will make a few attempts that should arrive at a similar conclusion.) Copy the description of the tone (in the example above, the tone would be positive and upbeat).
  • In the TownSite Dashboard, go to the Customer’s User profile (see above) and paste what you copied into the Tone of Voice field. Click Update User.