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Creating an Engagement Post

Engagement Posts, as the name suggests, are meant to promote and incite engagement on the channel. Rather than posting information, they instead focus on interesting facts, topics and questions. Engagement posts almost always include a prompt for engagement in the form of a low-effort Call to Action.

For your convenience, TownSites offers a Post Calendar where you can grab pre-made engagement posts and images. We’ll be using it along with the AI Jasper to update the Customer’s Facebook page with an Engagement Post. Here’s how:

Setting Up Jasper

In this article we will again be using Jasper Commands to compose the Content Article.

You should now see a screen similar to the one pictured here.

Begin by entering the Customer’s Tone of Voice into the box marked Tone of Voice. Click here for information on where to find this.

Obtaining the Example Post Content

  • First, take a look at the task that was assigned to you and find the scheduled post date.
  • Next, visit the Post Calendar and click on the entry for that date.

Each entry contains:

  • A piece of Example Post Content
  • A Canva Link to an image which corresponds to the Example Post Content

Let’s focus on the Example Post Content first. Copy it, and then paste it into Jasper’s Document Editor.

Rewriting the Example Post Content

In the Command Box below, enter the command “Rewrite the above“. Jasper will rewrite the example content in the Tone of Voice specified.

It may take a couple tries for Jasper to get it right. If you’re not satisfied with its output, click the Retry Last Output button to rewrite the content again.

Afterward, inspect Jasper’s output. Make sure it has written the Call to Action that is required in an Engagement Post. In the example here, it asks if the reader has taken part in a Polar Bear Plunge before, which is good.

However, it did not ask what the reader’s favorite charity is like the original prompt did.

Above all else, Jasper is best at predicting what it is you want to write. All you need to do is nudge it in the right direction.

Jasper ends the last paragraph with “…share your experience! We would love to hear about the unique challenge that you took on and how it felt afterwards.

We can urge Jasper to keep going by adding “Or, if not,” to the last paragraph and clicking the Compose button (see example). Jasper will recognize that we want to include the part about charities and skillfully finish the paragraph for us.

Copy the completed output. This will be our Facebook Post Content.

Obtaining the Post Image

Next, go back to the calendar entry and click on the Canva Link provided. You will be given an image to go along with our Facebook post.

Note: There may be some template elements in the image that need to be replaced. For instance, the Community Name may need to be added in the text, or a photo of downtown might need adding in the background. If you’re unsure, check the calendar entry for instructions (printed in italics) regarding the Canva Link.

We won’t be going into detail in this guide on how to use Canva, but if you run into trouble, feel free to ask for help! Here’s a great step-by-step guide on how to use Canva if you’re in need of a primer.

To save the image, click the Share button at the top right, then click Download → Download. The Post Image will be saved to your computer as a PNG.

Scheduling the Content Update

Now that we have the Facebook Post Content and the Post Image, let’s go back to the Customer’s TownSite Dashboard and schedule the Engagement Post.

From the left-hand menu on the TownSite Dashboard, select Social Auto Poster → Quick Share.

Note: At this current time, we are only using Facebook for Engagement Posts. This may change in the future.

On the next page, fill out the following fields:

  • Post Image (1): Upload the Post Image you saved from Canva.
  • Message (2): Paste the Facebook Post Content.
  • Link (3): Leave this blank.
  • Schedule (4): Click this field and select when the content should post. The time to post should have been included in the task assigned to you.

Next, in the Networks section, toggle the Facebook field ON and choose the Customer’s Facebook account under Select Accounts.

Under Share type, select Image Posting.

Scroll down and click the blue Publish Post button. The Facebook post should be scheduled.