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From an Event

In this article we will explore how to create a Content Article from an event found online. We’ll use our example event that we found in the section Searching for Subject Matter to illustrate how to do this.

Getting Started

Above we have a local Facebook event. (Click the images to view larger.) The event includes a lengthy description with the time & date, a list of attractions, and a call to action link. This is plenty for us to get started.

We’ll be using AI to help us write the article.

  • Open a new tab and log into Jasper. (View login instructions)
  • Once logged in, select Templates → Documents → Start from Scratch. Then click the Power Mode icon in the top center (1).
  • Next, on the left-hand menu, click Paragraph Generator (2).

You should now see a screen similar to the one pictured here.

We will now use Jasper to re-write the event text into paragraph format.

Please Note: Not every Facebook event description is formatted like the one above. For each event, you’ll have to use your judgement in order to come up with a format that is readable and works. We will go step-by-step through a few examples so you can get a feel for how Jasper functions. Once you get the hang of the basic concept, you should be able to create a content article in minutes.

Before starting, make sure to paste the Customer’s Tone of Voice into the box marked Tone of Voice. Click here for information on where to find this.

Writing the Content Article Using the Paragraph Generator

Write the First Paragraph

Let’s start writing our article. Copy the first paragraph of text into the Paragraph Generator and click Generate AI Content.

Jasper will output a few rewrites of your input. Choose the one you like best and click to place it into the document.

Important Note: Be sure to fact-check everything! Take a look at the highlighted text—we didn’t mention anything about carriage rides or giant holly decorations, but Jasper added it anyway. Delete any misinformation that ends up in your output after you paste it. Remember that AI is not foolproof!

Turn a List Into a Paragraph

One thing Jasper is great at doing is transforming bullet lists into written paragraphs. Let’s take the next part of the event text (a bulleted list) and paste it into the Paragraph Generator. (Be sure to remove the bullets.) Click Generate AI Content, and choose an output you like.

Again, remember to fact-check! Because the word “Plymouth” was included in our prompt, Jasper thought we referring to Plymouth, MA rather than Northville, MI (see highlighted text).

To avoid gaffes like this, you can enter the name of the community into the Keywords to include field. Just be wary that Jasper doesn’t end up repeating itself in ways that don’t sound like a human.

Repeat the steps above for the remaining bullet lists. Presto: We have half our article done already in a matter of minutes!

Go through what Jasper wrote and look through for any inconsistencies. Jasper is very good at writing human-readable text, but there may a word or two that you can improve. Remember that a single word out of context can throw the reader off.

Rewrite and Expand a Paragraph

Let’s use our paragraph rewriting technique on the next page in the event and look at the results.

Not bad! Click to place it into the document. Our article is coming along.

Could Jasper expand on that last paragraph? Place your text cursor at the end of the article and click Compose. Sure enough, Jasper writes out a fitting conclusion to the article.

Check the Word Count at the top of the page. We’ve generated 580 words, which is more than the ideal 500-word minimum for a Content Article.

Wrapping Up

Now all we need to do is come up with good title for our article. Click on the gray text field at the bottom of the editor and enter “generate a title for this article“. Then click Run Command. Jasper appends the article with an engaging title.

Jasper understands and will attempt to follow any command entered here. Use it to generate titles, write conclusions, expand outlines, and more.

Back on the Add New Post screen in the TownSite Dashboard, enter your title and article in the fields provided.

Click Save Draft on the top right of the screen so that you don’t lose your work.

We aren’t done yet—we still have to finalize and publish our article. Refer to Finalizing a Content Article for instructions on how to do this.