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From a Topic

If you’re having a tough time coming up with much content, here’s a way to generate an entire article using a single Facebook post or other small update.

The trick is to think of a topic that would go well paired with that information.

For instance, in the section Searching for Subject Matter we found a social media post announcing a local business’s donation to charity. As it is around the holidays, charities receive an uptick in donations and giving is on the minds of many. Let’s write a Content Article about how to give back during the holidays, and mention this post within it.

Getting Started

In this article we will again be using Jasper Commands to compose the Content Article.

You should now see a screen similar to the one pictured here.

Begin by entering the Customer’s Tone of Voice into the box marked Tone of Voice. Click here for information on where to find this.

Writing the Article Using Jasper Commands

Create a Title and Intro Paragraph

We will start off with some choice commands using what we’ve covered from the previous articles so far.

  • Enter “Generate a list of titles for How To Give Back During The Holidays“. Choose the title you like best and delete the rest.
  • Place your cursor under the title and click Compose. Jasper will go ahead and write an introductory paragraph based on your title.

Tip: To quickly re-write a paragraph, highlight it and click the Re-phrase button (shown here). You can also press Ctrl + E (Cmd + E on a Mac).

Structure the Content Article

Next, enter “Generate an outline for the above” to receive a list of talking points for the article. (You can retry as needed for a list that works for you.)

Like before, click the H2 button at the top of the Document Editor to make the bullet points easier to read while you’re editing. Also, Add “***” between each bullet point for more desirable results while writing.

Now let’s decide where to discuss the Facebook post we selected. Looking at our bullet points, it seems like it would make the most sense when placed under “Learn about local organizations that help children in need during the holidays“, as the post is about a local business helping women and children in need.

Mention the Facebook Post Within the Article

So, let’s go back to the Facebook post, copy and paste the text from the post under the first bullet point (as shown), then enter the command “Rewrite and expand the above paragraph“. Jasper writes a couple paragraphs about the program below.

Let’s fact check. Looks good, but Jasper veered a bit off track at the end there; see the highlighted section. The post does not suggest to donate the Glamorous Moms. It suggests to visit Salon Tre Bella V and Revir to give in person. Let’s fix that:

  • Delete the portion of the paragraph where Jasper made the mistake (everything after “To take part in this initiative…”).
  • Now, we need to steer Jasper back on course. To accomplish this, all we need to do is type “please visit Salon Tre” at the end of the document and click Compose. Jasper will realize how the paragraph should end and write the rest of it for us.
  • Delete the source text from the Facebook post still present in the document and let’s continue on.
  • Let’s finish up this section. Place your cursor directly under the title of this section and click Compose, and Jasper will write an introductory paragraph which leads into our relevant post content.

Write the Remaining Sections of the Article

We can now write our next section.

  • Place your cursor directly under the title of our next section, “Donate money, clothes, toys, food to these organizations”. Click Compose. Jasper will start writing as much as it can about that section. As it does, fact-check and re-write as necessary.

In the example shown, you can see Jasper wrote two paragraphs. I wanted a third one that included a Call to Action, so I typed “To donate,” and clicked Compose. As before, Jasper recognized where I wanted the paragraph to go, and finished it for me.

We have four more sections to go, but we can write them the same way we wrote the section above. Place your cursor under the title of each section, click Compose, and monitor Jasper’s progress as it writes. Some notes to keep in mind:

  • Continue to use the methods we discussed above to ensure Jasper stays on course. Similar to keeping a large ship on course, small prompts from you can make a big difference in what Jasper chooses to write. There’s no such thing as “full autopilot” when writing an article with AI.
  • Jasper sometimes writes a small amount of text before changing the subject. If that happens, try the command “Expand on the above in paragraph form” or “Write more about (previous topic)“.
  • Jasper may lose sight of the topic at hand. For instance, it might write so much about giving that it could forget the focus is on children. If that happens, try copying and pasting the title and first paragraph of our article into the Content Description/Brief field on the left-hand menu to get more focused results.

Wrapping Up

Conclude our article by removing any remaining “***” from the document editor, then enter the command “Write a concluding paragraph on how to help kids in need“, or whichever subject you’ve chosen. Jasper will write a conclusion, and your Content Article is finished.

If you’d like, use the command “Generate a list of titles for this article” again. Now that Jasper has written the article, it may be able to come up with a better title for you.

Finally, in the left-hand menu of the TownSite Dashboard, select Posts → Add New. Enter your title and article in the fields provided.

Please ensure again that the article is proofread and paragraphed correctly.

Click Save Draft on the top right of the screen so that you don’t lose your work.

We aren’t done yet—we still have to finalize and publish our article. Refer to Finalizing a Content Article for instructions on how to do this.