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From a List

In this article we will explore how to create a Content Article from a list found online. In the section Searching for Subject Matter we found a business directory on downtownnorthville.com that listed restaurants in downtown Northville. Let’s turn that list into a Content Article.

We’ll take the first 16 restaurants from this directory, list them, and then create a paragraph of content for each one. We’ll be using AI to make the job much faster.

Getting Started

  • Open a new tab and log into Jasper. (View login instructions)
  • Once logged in, select Templates → Documents → Start from Scratch. Then click the Power Mode icon in the top center (1).
  • Next, on the left-hand menu, click Paragraph Generator (2).

You should now see a screen similar to the one pictured here.

Begin by entering the Customer’s Tone of Voice into the box marked Tone of Voice. Click here for information on where to find this.

Writing the Article Using the Paragraph Generator

Add the First List Item

Now let’s visit the website of the first business on our list, 160 Main and search for an About section.

It looks like we only have a couple of sentences to work with. But that should be enough.

Copy and paste it into the paragraph generator in Jasper and click Generate AI Content.

Not a bad start. Click to paste it into the document editor.

Use a Jasper Command to Rewrite the Content

We have a problem, however—the paragraph is written from the staff’s point of view, not our Customer’s. It uses words like “we” and “our”, which is not what we want. To fix this, enter “convert to 3rd person” into the gray Command bar at the bottom of the page. Jasper will re-write the text in third-person format.

Remember to remove the first-person text from the article before continuing on.

Our first list item has been written. Let’s add a title and a link to their website, and then move on to the next list item.

Note: Sometimes Jasper stops writing before it can finish its thought. When that happens, just click Compose and Jasper will continue writing where it left off.

Add the Second List Item

Our next business’s website. Browndog Barlor has a proper About Us section we can pull from. Copy the first couple of paragraphs, or however much you feel is enough for Jasper to work with, and paste it into Jasper’s Paragraph Generator.

Direct Jasper’s Focus with “***”

One important thing to keep in mind: Our focus is no longer on 160 Main, but on Browndog Barlor. To keep Jasper’s focus off of 160 Main, enter “***” before pasting the content from the Paragraph Generator into the document (see image below). This indicates to Jasper that it should ignore everything above that point when deciding what to write next.

After pasting, you can see that we’ve run into the same issue again with Jasper writing the content in first-person, so run the same “convert to 3rd person” command to re-write the paragraph in third-person view.

Again, Remember to remove the first-person text from the article before continuing on.

If you’ve liked the content that Jasper has cranked out so far about this list item and would like to expand on it, you can click the Compose button and Jasper will write another paragraph.

Add a title and a hyperlink to the restaurant’s website, and our second list item is complete.

Add the Rest of the List Items

Our next business, Center Street Grille, has a very straightforward website with a helpful About page. Follow the same formula as before:

  • Grab a paragraph or two about the restaurant.
  • Paste it into Jasper’s Paragraph Generator and click Generate AI Content.
  • Paste the resulting content into the Document Editor.
  • Using the Command box, convert the content into third-person. Don’t forget:
    • Use “***” to direct Jasper’s focus on the content you are editing.
    • Remove the first-person text from the article.
  • Add a title and a link the the website.

We have 3 list items done already in just a few minutes. Let’s do this for the next 3 businesses in the directory.

Exchange Bar & Grille
Garage Grill & Fuel Bar
Genitti’s Hole-in-the-Wall

Wrapping Up

Now all we need is a title. We can find a good one by typing “Write title ideas for a list of 6 restaurants in Northville”—or something similar—and choosing the one we like best. Simple as that.

If you want to go a step further, try entering “write an introductory paragraph” and “write a conclusion” in the Command Bar to place on the top and bottom of the article, respectively.

Now in the left-hand menu of the TownSite Dashboard, select Posts → Add New. Enter your title and article in the fields provided.

Ensure that the article is paragraphed correctly, and that you’ve removed anything that should not be in the final draft (such as the “***“).

Click Save Draft on the top right of the screen so that you don’t lose your work.

We aren’t done yet—we still have to finalize and publish our article. Refer to Finalizing a Content Article for instructions on how to do this.