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For a Business

In some cases you may come across a local business that you’d like to promote. An easy way to do this is to write a Content Article centered around that business and share it to our TownSite and social media. In this article, we will explore how to create a Content Article for a Business.

In the section Searching for Subject Matter we found a social media post about Northville’s Tipping Point Theatre. Let’s go through the process of writing a content article for this local landmark.

In this article we will again be using Jasper Commands to compose the Content Article.

Getting Started

You should now see a screen similar to the one pictured here.

In another tab, open the website for the business. Content Articles for local businesses are easier to write if the business has a website with lots of informative content.

On the left-hand bar, we have a few fields to fill in.

Begin by entering the Customer’s Tone of Voice into the box marked Tone of Voice. Click here for information on where to find this.

Next, enter some Keywords. For best results, try:

  • The business name
  • The community name
  • “Local business”

In the Content description/brief field, go through the business’s website and try to find a paragraph or two that best describes the business. The example pictured here is Tipping Point Theatre, mission statement, found in the About section on their website.

A note about Keywords: Jasper will try to make the article as relevant to the keywords listed as possible. An unwanted side effect to this is that Jasper will tend to repeat itself or otherwise write the same or similar information more than once. To disable Keywords, click the green toggle switch above the Keywords box.

Issuing Commands to Jasper

Let’s start our Content Article. If you’ve followed the previous articles, by now you should be comfortable issuing commands to Jasper. We’ll be using them to create our business Content Article. As you are writing, please remember:

  • Use “***” to direct Jasper’s focus.
  • Remove unused text, such as source material, from the final draft.

Tip: Aside from typing the command into the Command Box, you can also type the command straight into the document and press Ctrl + Enter (Cmd + Enter on a Mac) to execute it.

Write an Introduction

  • On the business’s website, find a suitable “about” section, at least a few paragraphs long.
  • Paste it into Jasper’s Document Editor.
  • Enter the command “Rewrite and expand the text“.
  • Click Compose until Jasper has written a few paragraphs of introductory text on the business.

Create an Outline

Enter the command “Create an outline“. Jasper will create a bullet list of talking points. If you don’t like what Jasper has generated, or don’t think you can find the relevant information for each, click Retry last output until you get something you’re happy with.

Tip: Click the H2 button at the top of the Document Editor to make the bullet points easier to read while you’re editing.

Tip: Add “***” between each bullet point for more desirable results while writing.

Use the Outline as a Guide for Creating the Content Article

Take a look at the first bullet point on the outline that Jasper created. In our example, the first bullet point is “What is Tipping Point and what do they stand for”. This is an easy one, as the theatre’s Mission Statement and Core Values are listed in their About Us section. We’ll copy it and paste it into our Document Editor, below our first bullet point.

Next we’ll use the command “Rewrite the paragraph” to write it in our Customer’s Tone of Voice.

Finally, we’ll use the command “Create a subheader” to generate a more appealing title for this section. In the example shown, Jasper came up with “The Power of Theatre to Promote Change & Understanding.” Let’s copy & paste that in place of “What is Tipping Point and what do they stand for”.

The next bullet point in this example is “How did they get their start and what challenges did they face along the way”. We’ve already answered that in the introduction, and there isn’t much on the website about the theatre’s history. Therefore, we can just delete that one. If you need more bullet point items, you can always reuse the command “Create an outline” to generate more.

Our next bullet point item is “What does their theatre look like and what kind of performances do they put on”. A bit of googling reveals the theatre’s appearance via a TripAdvisor description. We can use “Rewrite the paragraph” to generate a few paragraphs of text from this description. And we can again use “Create a subheader” to generate a better title to place at the top of the section.

Tip: You can also use the command “Create a list of subheaders” to come up with more than one title, then pick the one you like best.

We still haven’t answered “what kind of performances do they put on”, and we can get our answer by visiting the “Current Shows” section of their website. Type “***“, then copy & paste their most current show It’s a Wonderful Life into the document editor. Then use the command “Rewrite the above as a review” to generate the next section of our Content Article.

We can do the same thing for their upcoming show, The Light. We’ll use the title of the play as the title for each of these sections.

Feel free to experiment with different commands to see which one generates the best results for you. The Retry Last Output button is also helpful to scroll through ideas.

We have just over 900 words now, so let’s skip to the last bullet point: “How can people support Tipping Point Theatre if they want to help out?” Luckily, the website has a Support page which answers exactly that. Rewriting the first couple of paragraphs from that web page gives us the next section of our Content Article.

Wrapping Up

To finish up our Content Article, remove any extra “***” and then run the command “Write a convincing conclusion”. Jasper will finish off its writing.

Then use the command “Generate a list of titles for this article” and find one that works best.

Finally, in the left-hand menu of the TownSite Dashboard, select Posts → Add New. Enter your title and article in the fields provided.

Please ensure that the article is proofread and paragraphed correctly.

Click Save Draft on the top right of the screen so that you don’t lose your work.

We aren’t done yet—we still have to finalize and publish our article. Refer to Finalizing a Content Article for instructions on how to do this.