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Create Social Media Posts


Responsible Party: Maintenance
Time to Complete: Avg. 10 minutes per post


Social Media Posts need to be created for this account. Please create some interesting/engaging Social Media Posts to be scheduled later this week (or the following week).

Read more about Social Media Posts here.

While a Content Update is preferred, sometimes writing an Engagement Post is necessary is there isn’t anything of note going on in the Community. You can create either one.

What needs to be done

  • Search for interesting or engaging updates on the Community. Read this guide for assistance.
  • Create three (3) Community Updates to be posted on Facebook. If the Customer has an Instagram account, create posts for Instagram as well. How to create a Community Update
  • There may be no interesting updates on in the Community, in which case you may instead create an Engagement Post.
  • Schedule each Social Media Post for 10 AM in the Customer’s time zone.
    • If this task arrived on a Monday, schedule a post for the following Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, respectively.
    • If this task arrived on a Thursday, schedule a post for the following Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
  • Mark the task as complete in Asana so that QA can perform a quality check before the content gets published.