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Connecting the Social Media Channels

Twitter (if applicable)

If the Customer provided a Twitter account in their Onboarding submission, we will need to connect it.

To connect TownSites and Twitter, Select Social Feed → Twitter Options from the left-hand menu.

To obtain a Twitter API Token:

  • Click Login and get my Access Tokens.
  • Log into the Twitter account you created if you haven’t already.
  • On the next page, enter the username and password for the Twitter account you created and click Authorize App.

If all went well, you should receive the message “Your Access Token is now working!” in green.

Finally, paste the Twitter username and password into the provided fields (see right).

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green Save All Changes button.

Automatic Posting

Next, we will grant TownSites permission to post on Twitter.

Select Social Auto Poster → Settings from the left-hand menu.

  • Click the tab at the top, then scroll down to the Twitter API Settings box.
The Twitter API Settings box. Click to view larger.
  • The API Key and API Secret should already be filled in for you, but we will need an Access Token and Access Token Secret. To obtain them, click the Retrieve Access Token and Secret button on the bottom left of the box.
  • A new tab appears. Log in (if necessary), then click the Authorize App button.
  • Copy and paste the Access Token and Access Token Secret into their respective fields.
  • Click the blue Save Changes button.

TownSites and Twitter should now be connected.