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Creating a TownSite

This guide explains the step-by-step process of creating a new TownSite for a customer.

How to Follow This Guide

This guide is meant to be followed article-by-article, starting with Cloning the Template TownSite and finishing with Sending the Welcome Email. Bear in mind that some articles may have multiple pages.

The TownSite Creation task is made up of sub-tasks, roughly corresponding to each article in this guide. Only once all sub-tasks have been marked as done should the task be marked complete.

Once the task is marked complete, it is sent to QA for approval. The QA specialist will go over each section and if more work needs to be done, a task will be assigned to you separately from the TownSite Creation task.

Sub-tasks within a task in Asana.

If you have more than one TownSite to create, start with one and finish it completely before proceeding to the next one.

If there is in issue or blocker, such as a social media account not connecting, reach out to QA immediately and leave a comment on the task in Asana with a description and a screenshot. Once that’s done, skip that part and move on the next one. Once the issue is fully resolved, update Asana accordingly.

Before Starting: Obtain the Submission Form

The task sent to you should have had a link to the submission that the Customer submitted during Onboarding. If not, you can find the submission on this page.

Before doing anything, determine if the Customer has paid. Refer to this section for our current pricing.

If the “Paid?” row shows a red X, seek permission from an Administrator before creating the new TownSite.

The next thing you should find on this form is the TownSite Name and the Suggested Domain Name, which you will need when cloning the Template TownSite (see next step).