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Process & Staff

Below is a description of our operation process on a per-client basis.

1. Onboarding

Onboarding starts once the Customer commits to a TownSites subscription. It consists of two main steps:

  • Customer fills and submits out payment information
  • Customer fills and submits Onboarding form

Read further about our Onboarding procedure here.

2. Account Setup

After Onboarding is completed, a Maintenance Staff member is informed and starts creating the TownSite.

Instructions on how to create a TownSite are here.

Account setup ends once a QA specialist approves the TownSite and a Welcome email is sent to the Customer. The Customer’s account is now considered active.

3. Account Maintenance

Once an account is activated, tasks are automatically sent on a regular basis to both the Customer and the TownSites staff. These include:

  • Reminders to the Customer to request scripts for short-form and long-form videos
    • Short-form video reminders are sent more often than long-form videos reminders.
  • Prompts to create Content Articles for the TownSite
  • Prompts to create posts for the Customer’s Social Media Channels

In addition, TownSites itself will regularly perform the following tasks automatically:

  • Create and schedule newsletters to be sent out to contacts weekly (by default)
  • Update the following with new content found on the Internet:
    • Events and Deals sections/pages
    • Restaurants and Businesses databases
    • Home Listings section


Currently, TownSites staff members are delegated into the following groups:

Maintenance: Performs general account operations. Tasks include:

Currently in this position: Charisse Pineda, Marlene Morales

Content Authoring: Writes content needed for general account operations: Tasks Include:

  • Creating Engagement Post Templates
  • Writing short-form and long-form video scripts
  • Ensuring Customer satisfaction and success
  • Consultation for article and social media content

Currently in this position: Chrissy Zambas

Quality Assurance: Checks all account operation tasks before they are published. Tasks include:

  • Management and correspondence of Maintenance staff
  • TownSite creation QA
  • Content Article QA
  • Social Media post QA

Currently in this position: Nicole Palmer

Administrative Positions

  • Operations, Programming: Nick Palmer
  • Sales, Relations: Lee Moraitis