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Marketing Pitch

Townsites Announces New Hyper-Local Influencer & Video Marketing Service

TownSites is a unique software platform that assists businesses in extending their reach and impact in their local community. Using a powerful combination of inbound marketing and automation, TownSites helps agents, brokers, lenders and real estate professionals expand their sphere of influence by promoting them online as trusted community influencers.

Usage of TownSites is completely turnkey: Partners receive a concierge video production and a complete community-focused social media marketing solution that builds influence and gets results. In addition, Partners are promoted as community leaders who care—an attribute that attracts business like never before.

What makes Townsites unique is their focus on positioning their local partner as a local influencer and the go-to professional within their local community. With Townsites, business professionals can leverage technology and video to get ahead in today’s competitive marketplace.

What TownSites does for you, the real estate professional and local influencer:

  • We write complete engaging content articles about pertinent current events happening in your local community and we give you kudos as the author.
  • Post for you on your Community Facebook page, YouTube and Instagram feeds, delivering engaging content that is relevant to both your community and your profession. We do this from our moderated accounts.
  • Provide a complete scripting, video editing and publishing solution for all your online videos—simply shoot the footage and we do the rest. We will PUBLISH completed videos to Facebook & YouTube
  • Send out a weekly digital newsletter composed of content articles, social media posts and community updates. Better yet we send the digital newsletter to a mailing list that’s updated quarterly with the most eligible geotargeted leads located in and around your community. You also have the ability to upload any of your current database to send them a weekly newsletter.
  • Create a Community YouTube page where we upload all long and short form videos that are created.
  • Help you build a referral network of Professional Community Partners and integrate them into your community website to crush your referral business (Weekly Coaching).
  • Weekly Coaching from Social Media Video Experts and best practices for success coaching.

Built-in lead generation mechanisms:

  • Website tailored to your community and your brand, populated regularly with local updates, news, events, deals, businesses and more, and abundant with built-in:
    • Home valuation calculator
    • Recent listings from the customer’s real estate website
    • Newsletter opt-in forms
    • Exit intent popups
    • Direct chat feature
  • A digital newsletter which is sent on a weekly basis and helps you to strengthen that parasocial relationship.
  • Facebook Community page matching your Community Website that will grow to thousands of subscribers allowing you and be the voice of your own local community ecosystem

Plus, a bunch of other cool stuff:

  • Current promotions in your local Community area
  • Current events in your local Community area
  • A Complete Community Business directory (separated into Businesses and Restaurants)
  • We also will (optionally) boost the reach of all of the above via a specialized ad retargeting campaign, set up on your behalf with a monthly budget of your choice.

Important Additional information

  • One partner per city (Exclusive Territory)
  • Split up to 50% of Cost with lender or other business professional