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Throughout the Documentation, certain key terms are capitalized. These terms always refer to the same thing, detailed below.

  • Documentation: This document. Acts as a “one truth” for TownSites processes.
  • Customer: A subscriber of the service.
  • Service: The collection of services, specified above, included in the subscription for which the customer pays.
  • TownSite: A community website created and provided by TownSites as part of our Service, features of which are specified above.
  • Newsletter: The TownSite newsletter, specifically the one which sends updates to Mailing List contacts on a regular basis.
  • Mailing List: The Newsletter mailing list, hosted on the customer’s TownSite and accessed via the Customer Backend.
  • Social Media Channel: A social media account moderated by TownSites on behalf of the Customer.
  • Short-form videos: Quick portrait-oriented clips that you’re used to seeing on TikTok and Instagram reels. It’s used to provide your viewers with quick updates and news flashes about your community. Short-form video is great because it attracts attention quickly and is simple to create.
  • Long-form videos: The landscape-oriented videos that you’re familiar with seeing on YouTube and your Facebook feed. It’s generally longer: a few minutes long (as opposed to seconds), more informative, and in most cases more interesting and involved than its short-form counterpart.
  • Associate: One who maintains Customer accounts. Has login access to the Primary Backend, the TownSite Backend, and ActiveCampaign.
  • Administrator: An Associate who also handles administrative tasks (e.g., Nick).
  • ActiveCampaign: Our CRM. Holds contact information of Leads and Customers. Tasks are viewed on ActiveCampaign.
  • Contact: A contact record logged in ActiveCampaign. Represents a Customer or a Lead.
  • Stripe Customer: A customer record in Stripe. Represents a Customer.
  • Primary Dashboard: The main dashboard for TownSites. Used to view Customer onboarding records, payment info, and the Documentation. See Logging In.
  • TownSite Dashboard: The dashboard of an individual TownSite. Used for maintaining TownSites. See Logging In.
  • TownSites User: A user record on the TownSite Dashboard. Represents a Customer.