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Description of Our Service

TownSites is a subscription-based software-as-a-service. The Service aims to increase the Customer’s sphere of influence on a hyper-local scale. To do this, the Customer chooses a target Community and the Service works to associate the Customer with the Community via content creation, social media and advertising.

Upon subscribing to the Service, the Customer receives the following:

  • A community website, known as a TownSite, which serves to provide news, updates and information on a specified target Community. Features of a TownSite include:
    • User-created content articles
    • Recent listings from the Customer’s real estate website
    • Current deals in Community area
    • Current events in Community area
    • A Community business directory (separated into Businesses and Restaurants)
    • Search functionality for finding content by keyword
    • Live feeds from our moderated accounts on social media platforms
    • Lead generation mechanisms, such as:
      • Newsletter opt-in forms
      • A home valuation calculator
      • Exit intent popups (in progress)
      • Direct chat feature (in progress)
  • A Newsletter which sends the most recent TownSite updates to the Customer’s mailing list on a regular basis.
    • The Mailing List for this Newsletter is included with and managed by the Software.
      • The Mailing List can be populated manually by the Customer using their CRM, or linked to their CRM automatically using Zapier (in progress).
      • As an additional feature, the Service will regularly find new leads for the Customer and add them to the Mailing List.
  • Moderated accounts for prominent social media platforms. Currently offered Social Media Channels include:
    • Facebook for sharing links to content articles on TownSite
    • Instagram for short-form video and community photos
    • YouTube for long-form community video
    • Twitter for short text updates and link sharing
  • Content updates for the TownSite and Social Media Channels. Content update service includes:
    • Regular Content Article updates to the TownSite. Content Articles are created by finding a relevant community article on the internet and rewriting it for the Customer’s audience using an article rewriter. The resulting content is then posted on the TownSite, linked to on Social Media Channels, and included in the Newsletter.
    • Regular social updates and moderation on Social Media Channels.
  • Video editing services for footage supplied by the Customer.
    • A script for the video will be written and sent to the Customer upon request.
    • Once the Customer uploads the footage via a supplied online portal, our staff will edit the footage into either a long-form or short-form video, then publish it on the TownSite and Social Media Channels.
  • Optional online advertising services.
    • The Customer has the option of spending an additional sum per month for advertising their TownSite and Social Media Channels on Facebook and Instagram.
    • After specifying the monthly ad spend amount, TownSites will set up an advertising account on the Customer’s behalf. The Customer can cancel the account any time.
    • TownSites will send a report of the Ad Campaign’s progress each billing cycle.