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Description of Our Software

TownSites is a subscription-based digital marketing solution for real estate professionals. To learn more about our service, visit our homepage or visit this page: Description of Our Service

The TownSites Software is split into two platforms, both of which run WordPress.

  • TownSites Main is a WordPress multisite. Each site on the multisite represents a Customer account, and hosts the Customer’s user account, TownSite, dashboard, mailing list, and other settings. Each site has its own subdomain, for example northville.townsites.org, which directs to the Customer’s TownSite.

TownSites Main is located in the “/” directory.

  • TownSites Primary is a standalone WordPress site and contains our marketing site, payment and onboarding forms, documentation, and other utilities for team members. The URL townsites.org redirects here.

TownSites Primary is located in the “/primary” directory.

Both platforms are treated as one software platform (referred to as TownSites or the Software), and share the same Git repository.

As mentioned previously, the software is based almost entirely on WordPress, and our code relies heavily on its hooks and actions to function correctly. The code is stored both in custom themes and plugins. Programming on TownSites involves editing these themes and plugins directly, then sending your changes to the main branch for publishing.

The next section will cover setting up your environment for programming.